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Being diagnosed with HIV can be shocking and upsetting, but with proper care, you can live a

long and healthy life. Living with HIV can come with challenges, but it’s no longer the death sentence it was once perceived to be. Start by working with a health care provider and surrounding yourself with support.

If you’re newly diagnosed, start by taking a deep breath. Take the time to learn about HIV and what it means for your health and life. Being HIV positive does not mean you have AIDS, and treatment can prevent disease progression. No matter how fearful, sad or angry you may feel, it can help to start working with a health care provider and surrounding yourself with the support you need.


Here are some tips for the newly diagnosed

Get Informed

Knowing the benefits of HIV treatment may help calm your fears. The amount of information can seem overwhelming, but the more you know about HIV, the more empowered you’ll be to get the care and treatment you need. Click here to learn the basics about HIV.

Find Support

A friend or family member can be a great source of support, but if you’re not ready to tell anyone yet, that’s OK. (Click here for tips on disclosure.) 

Find a Doctor

Establishing a relationship with a health care provider is an essential first step. See a doctor who has experience with HIV care soon after your diagnosis.

Start Treatment 

Experts advise that everyone diagnosed with HIV start antiretroviral treatment as soon as possible.

Prevent HIV Transmission

People on effective antiretroviral treatment with an undetectable viral load don’t transmit HIV to others through sex (known as Undetectable Equals Untransmittable, or U=U)

Figure Out Your Finances

HIV can pose financial challenges. Private health insurance plans, state Medicaid programs and Medicare vary in terms of what they cover and how easy it is to access care.

Super Health Food

Improve Your Overall Health

An HIV diagnosis can be a good opportunity to take steps to improve your overall health. These include eating a healthy, well-balanced dietgetting enough exercisemaintaining a health weight and getting adequate sleep

Hatha Class

Take Care of Your Mental Health

It’s normal to feel anxiety, sadness or depression after an HIV diagnosis. Exercise, yoga, prayer or meditation can often help relieve stress.

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